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The general art blog of René Campbell, a 20 year-old female currently residing in a little city in South Australia called Adelaide. I study Marine Biology by day, work as a bartender by night, and draw everywhere and anywhere inbetween!

I post my finished pieces of artwork and drawings, sketches, works in progress, photography and thoughts. I will also tend to reblog things that inspire me or what I enjoy. If you want to see nothing but my artwork, you can find it here or through the links below.
NOTE: I do not take commissions at this time and most certainly do not take art requests. Thankyou.

After about 8 boxes I finally got one! I wasn’t even paying attention, I just looked down and saw my shiny. I had been trying on and off for it for months.

Terrible IV’s, but Jolly nature and Speed Boost ability. Can’t wait to evolve it into Scolipede! :)
Realistic Scizor Concept; I apologise for the phone quality.

It’s 3 am and I’m thinking about what Thesis I am going to propose for my honours degree (which is in another year).

I wish my brain would shut off sometimes.


.. (by ben///giles)

photo by Craig


photo by Craig


photo by Marko Vesterine

hatwearinbaron said: My computer and internet decided they would look me in the face today and say "What? You want me to function?... HA!!!" so i dont know if you got the previous message i attempted to send, but i would be interested in learning about # 13

Oh yes, computers are cheeky!

13. Life goals

At the moment, I want to move into an honours degree and hopefully a PHD for marine biology. After that, I hope to study and conserve the natural world, write lots of scientific papers, explore and travel and classify all sorts of organisms and meet new people.

On side of that, I want to work on my art, and to continue doing what I’m doing but gaining a larger audience. I want my biology to play a part in my art and I want to get more efficient with entering competitions and helping conservation charities and scientific studies.

I just really want to devote myself to learning and observing the natural world around me and exploring my imagination through my artwork. I want to be with like-minded people and try to understand our world and influence positive change. I also want to try and live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

In short, focussing on become a field marine biologist, working on and sharing my art and travelling are my biggest life goals.

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14. Piercings I want

I’m not a big fan of piercings. I have my ear lobes pierced and that’s it. Although, if I had a nice flat tummy I’ve always admired belly button piercings!

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maverickanoidite said: 2, 20: Are you afraid that by participating in the protest of dumping waste into the Barrier Reef, you will be a target by violent anti-environmentalists? It did happened to couple who defended the Amazon had their lives cut short.

2. A Picture of Me

Er, gosh, I don’t have many normal pictures of me. Most of them have been taken while I’ve been out and looking quite sloppy. This one is one of my better portraits, but was still taken nearly 1.5 years ago (I don’t take many selfies).



I haven’t actually participated in any protests, but was meaning to protest twice in the national protests held against the Western Australia Shark Cull. There haven’t been many protests about the GBR where I live (in South Australia), although up here in Tropical North Queensland that may be different. If I were to protest, no I wouldn’t be afraid. Protesting here in Australia isn’t usually extreme and protesters aren’t usually targeted. As far as I’m concerned, most people are against the idea and our protests are usually well supported and looked after so I would feel relatively safe :)

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Oh dear, I have so many haha! Intelligence, lip biting (theirs or mine), licking their lips, making out (especially in the dark), massages and back scratches, moaning, gasping, hair pulling and tugging, spanking, cheeky smiles, messy hair, tailored suits, ear nibbling, skin grabbing/scratching, being told what to do etc.

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16. Favourite Movie

Oh goodness, I have so many! I love animated movies, pretty much any of the Pixar and Ghibli range but also enjoy How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Pandas 1 & 2, and EPIC. But I adore animated movies, both traditional and CGI. They evoke emotions in me that no other genre does, and appeal to the animator and concept artist in me.

I also like my fantasy and Sci-Fi (District 9 being most notable). Throw in some random horrors, comedies and such and I’m sorted!

19. Middle Name


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18. Phobia
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20. Anything you want to ask

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Ick I just realised her nose is a tad short and I positioned it wrong! Good thing I’ll be redoing this in colour!