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The general art blog of René Campbell, a 20 year-old female currently residing in a little city in South Australia called Adelaide. I study Marine Biology by day, work as a bartender by night, and draw everywhere and anywhere inbetween!

I post my finished pieces of artwork and drawings, sketches, works in progress, photography and thoughts. I will also tend to reblog things that inspire me or what I enjoy. If you want to see nothing but my artwork, you can find it here or through the links below.
NOTE: I do not take commissions at this time and most certainly do not take art requests. Thankyou.

Anonymous said: 9:Favorite thing to draw? 10:Least favorite thing to draw?

Someone on Reddit wanted to know how Tri-Jaw’s jaws closed, so I drew a quick side-view diagram.

Even though I designed this creature over three years ago, frontal view is still really hard to depict.

Edit: Dual-Jaw or Split-Jaw would be its correct name. Doesn’t sound as cool though!

Wooh not far off being done!
More lecture doodling. I shall call it ‘Tri-Jaw.’ 

Loosely inspired by one of my favourite childhood movies, Tremors! Check it out if you haven’t yet!
Slowly progressing. I think I need to fix that leg.

So…after nearly two months, The Lego Movie is finally hitting cinemas in Oz. I AM EXCITED AND I HOPE OTHERS ARE TOO!

I think I like the unfinished look of this (and also added some sepia to drown out the black and white monotony).Back to drawing!

(Source: fuckyeah-sweden, via wanlingnic)

Today my Mum (who lives interstate) got a tattoo. She showed the tattooists my artwork and they were apparently blown away. One got in contact with me and said the following: “Hi your mum got a tattoo at our shop today and we are all amazed by your work and if you ever wanted to tattoo for a living we would kill to have you. But marine biology is pretty cool!”

I guess it’s always reassuring to know that I am rather lucky when it comes to work and it’s nice knowing people want to pay me for art and such. Sometimes I do wish I had clones of myself to do all these different things though, it really is one or the other. And I am devoted to my choice.

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(by Stefan Gerzoskovitz)

Flygon process

Banette process.

More progress! Time to start detailing.