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The general art blog of René Campbell, a 20 year-old female currently residing in a little city in South Australia called Adelaide. I study Marine Biology by day, work as a bartender by night, and draw everywhere and anywhere inbetween!

I post my finished pieces of artwork and drawings, sketches, works in progress, photography and thoughts. I will also tend to reblog things that inspire me or what I enjoy. If you want to see nothing but my artwork, you can find it here or through the links below.
NOTE: I do not take commissions at this time and most certainly do not take art requests. Thankyou.

An update before I go to work.
Another little update, about 90% through!
Slowly but surely my friends! Not long until it’s done now.
Another update that has very little noticeable progress. But it’s there!
Update 10,000. About 70% through.Progress shots so far. 
Another little update before bed. 
Either I’m really slow or this just has a little bit too much detail. 20 + hours? Can’t wait til’ I finish it!
Since I’ve received several messages about this post in particular already, thought I’d change the source myself.

Just updating my work; it’s like, watching evolution or something. Taking so long!

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Another WIP for you guys!
This is taking forever. Sorry guys!
Another WIP!
The more I look, the weirder it gets. And I’m only 40% through.

I think I’ve finished the majority of the hand, well the fingers anyway. Face next!

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