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The general art blog of René Campbell, a 20 year-old female currently residing in a little city in South Australia called Adelaide. I study Marine Biology by day, work as a bartender by night, and draw everywhere and anywhere inbetween!

I post my finished pieces of artwork and drawings, sketches, works in progress, photography and thoughts. I will also tend to reblog things that inspire me or what I enjoy. If you want to see nothing but my artwork, you can find it here or through the links below.
NOTE: I do not take commissions at this time and most certainly do not take art requests. Thankyou.

My phone battery died so I had no music and decided to end tonight’s art session, so here’s a small update. Also showing the colours I’ve used :)
Coming along slowly. I was really hoping to have this done by now, but I should have it finished before holidays are over!
Getting some highlights in. Still a while to go yet!
The Progress for ‘The Colours Fade.’

The Progress for ‘The Colours Fade.’

Yep, still working on it :( I don’t like grass.
Scumbag Brain: “Oh, so you’re close to finishing your drawing I see? Wouldn’t it be a shame if I made you change your ENTIRE LIGHT SOURCE!” *punches self*
I am so happy I’m not far off finishing this. I have to work on other things. 
Shiny ^__^
And yet more progress. Man, shiny details will keep me working for longer.
Although not done yet, I thought I would make a GIF of my progress so far!

Although not done yet, I thought I would make a GIF of my progress so far!

Started to detail the head and other areas; it’s turning out shinier than expected.
Houndoom work in progress; should have it finished tomorrow.

Started colouring my Attenborough portrait (well one of the hummingbirds anyway). I just couldn’t refrain from using pen. It’s just…so good ;___;

Sketched this up just now. It’s a concept for an organic themed T-Shirt design.
Decided to add some colour in the background. This is still the sketch stage so it’s time to start detailing :)